About Bolix

The leader of thermal insulation in Poland

BOLIX is a leading Polish manufacturer of construction chemicals, specializing in the production of facade systems. BOLIX brand has been in existence since 1991 and is synonymous with high-quality building solutions at an affordable price.

  • About Bolix

    Bolix is a Polish company seated on the outskirts of Żywiec, in a beautiful scenery of the Żywiec Beskids. Each day our employees enjoy the breathtaking views of the mountains. The company dates back to the early 1990s, when the founder of the company started producing mortars and adhesives for his own construction company and then began reselling the products to other construction companies and at the same time looking for distributors willing to trade with products in the fast-growing building materials market, where there was a large shortage of products. This was a hit in the proverbial bull’s eye and instant success, as since then the products from Żywiec have become more common and available, and the Bolix brand was becoming increasingly recognised. 

  • About BOLIX

    Over time, Bolix specialised and handled increasingly difficult investments. An atmosphere was created within the company to take on challenging projects that some competitors did not dare to deal with. To handle the projects Bolix had to work out and provide consultation on customer-specific solutions for ETICS installation, ensure specialist supervision, and even develop products customised to meet the specific needs of demanding contracting companies. This way Bolix has built the brand of a company that takes on and handles the most challenging investment solutions.

  • About BOLIX

    Obviously, over 30 years Bolix has gone through better and worse times. As it is always the case, not all projects have been successful, and that might have affected in some way and in some places the reputation that Bolix enjoys. Over its 30 years of operation, the company has supplied materials to insulate more than 110 million square metres of external walls. To give a picture, this amount would be enough to insulate Chinese wall in its heyday, when it was more than 21 000 km long, three hundred times, or about 650 thousand medium-sized single-family houses. BOLIX has gained its reputation for the so-called “big wall”, i.e. installation on multi-family housing. This is a consequence of our specialisation, the path of demanding projects that Bolix has chosen.